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Re: Clear screan question

Of all the days, it was on Sun, Jan 28, 2001 at 01:38:10PM -0600 that wes schreiner quoth:
> Andy Bastien wrote:
> > These ANSI codes do only clear the screen when the user logs out,
> > which was the original question.  At some point somebody interpreted it
> > to be about clearing the scrollback buffer, and things have been going
> > off on that tangent ever since. 
> Sorry Andy, but you are the one off on a tangent.  Here's the original
> message from Tom Breza <tom@PCService-NET.co.uk>:
> >>>I just use fetch and I been editing filie fetchmail, after I 
> >>>finish editing file I log off from by presing CTRL-D but above 
> >>>log prompt I can read what was been done before, is any chance 
> >>>to clear screan complitly when I log off? That when I press >>>SHIFT-PgUp nobody can see anything?
> See that "SHIFT-PgUp"?  We have always been talking about clearing the
> console scroll-back buffer.  Just clearing the screen is easy, that's

You're right, I missed that.

> why this thread has shown several ways to do that.  Clearing the
> scroll-back buffer is trickier.  Either one uses a logout script to fill
> it with blank space (my suggestion) or the script switches to an unused
> vt and back (Ethan's suggestion).  Got an ANSI code to do that?

Well, no.  I always disable the scrollback buffer on the console, because
the last thing I want people to do is come by and see other users have
been up to.  In xterms, the scrollback buffer goes away when the terminal
window is closed, so it's not a problem.

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