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Re: Debian audititing tool?

On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 11:12:28AM +0100, Christian Kurz wrote:
> > You probably misconfigured your mutt.
> No, I mixed up Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Copies-To. Now this mail has
> the correct "Mail-Copies-To: never", which means that I don't want any
> copies of the answers.

you still need to fix your Mail-Followup-To to reflect this as well.
its really quite simple just change `lists' to `subscribe' in your

i know your using lists since mutt does not even add a
Mail-Followup-To otherwise.  the only difference between lists and
subscribe is the former requests you be CCed, while the latter
does not.  

right now your mutt configuration causes mutt list reply to CC you.
this is mutt in potato r2.  i would suggest fixing it if you really
don't want CCs because your going to get them regardless of that

/me manually has to remove Christian's address from the CC line.
and won't do it next time.  

Ethan Benson

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