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Re: Debian audititing tool?

Hi Christian!

On Wed, 27 Dec 2000, Christian Kurz wrote:

> > You probably misconfigured your mutt.
> No, I mixed up Mail-Followup-To and Mail-Copies-To. Now this mail has
> the correct "Mail-Copies-To: never", which means that I don't want any
> copies of the answers.

Your mail followup2 header is still broken:
| Mail-Followup-To: Christian Kurz <shorty@getuid.de>,
|         debian-security@lists.debian.org

Correcting it might save you a lot of unwanted messages. Btw, is
there a reason you did not honor my MailFup2Header?

PS: your fup2header ignored

PGP signed and encrypted messages preferred.

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