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Re: Mutt/gnupg

On Wed, Dec 13, 2000 at 04:35:53PM +0800, Wari Wahab wrote:
> Nah, I think what he wants is messages that can be viewed via Windows
> Outbloat or Outbloat Express, which will never get PGP/MIME messages
> right. The problem with the clearsign option is that outlook will think
> that the whole message is an attachment which outlook can't grok because
> of the .dat extensions.... (BTW, that's what he means by binary format
> although the content is pure text..)
> Anyway, the previous post about the keyboard mapping is the only
> solution to this but is you type the wrong passphrase, your whole
> message will be WIPED!... lalala...

You can also put a "set pgp_create_traditional=yes" in your .muttrc
file.  This signs/encrypts without using PGP/MIME, though it does set
the MIME-type to application/pgp, which Outlook and Outlook Express
can't handle.  Any decent mailer should be able to handle it, though.

> This discussion have been put to death by the Mutt community, don't ask
> me why.. hehe

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