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Re: Mutt/gnupg

Nah, I think what he wants is messages that can be viewed via Windows
Outbloat or Outbloat Express, which will never get PGP/MIME messages
right. The problem with the clearsign option is that outlook will think
that the whole message is an attachment which outlook can't grok because
of the .dat extensions.... (BTW, that's what he means by binary format
although the content is pure text..)

Anyway, the previous post about the keyboard mapping is the only
solution to this but is you type the wrong passphrase, your whole
message will be WIPED!... lalala...

This discussion have been put to death by the Mutt community, don't ask
me why.. hehe

* volker.tanger@wyae.de <volker.tanger@wyae.de> [001212 15:54]:
> Greetings!
> On 11 Dec, Eduardo Gargiulo wrote:
> > I'm using gnupg, and I put in my .muttrc 
> > set pgp_sign_command="gpg --clearsign"
> > but the signature is attached in binary format. 
> > How can I sign my messages in ASCII from mutt?
> The --clearsign option lets you see the message text even if you did
> not check the signature.
> For ASCII compatible code you need the --armor  (or -a) switch.
> With both you get a unchecked-readable mail with an ASCII signature.
> And that's what you were looking for, right?
> Bye
> 	Volker
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