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RE: OS Hardening

I was looking at it more from the lines of a default installation.  Most
experienced UNIX/Linux users know what needs to be running and
what doesn't, and how to turn services on and off.  I'm not completely
sure what services are running under Debian in a default installation as
I use dselect to select each individual package on every installation I
do.  This way I have complete control of what's installed.

You can't really expect a new user to want to sift through the list of
3000+ packages in dselect, or even to know what most of them are.

Do a stock installation and see if a new user wouldn't need a "hardening
script".  At a guess, telnet, ftp, portmapper, nfsd, and the like are probably
running.  I can see where a "hardening script" could come into play here,
asking the user if he needs service "x" running, with a default answer of no.
Unless the user specifically states that he wants it running, it won't be.


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Previously Jeremy Gaddis wrote:
> And if you believe that, you're a fool.

I do believe that. It's a matter of knowing what you're doing and
selecting just the package you need.


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