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Re: Securing Debian HOWTO - Now in SGML

	Ok. I will like to include this, with your permission in the Debian's DDP. An
put you as the main maintainer. Is this ok?

Alexander Reelsen escribió:
> Hi folks
> As I've had sometime during the weekend I rewrote the HOWTO in SGML as
> some of you had wished. The URL is (note the slash ;))
> http://joker.rhwd.de/doc/Securing-Debian-HOWTO/
> Currently there is the text, html and SGML version available. Ought to be
> enough for everybody. I cleaned up some paragraphs (I wonder what awful
> Oh, and if someone volunteers to write a paragraph about
> dpkg-statoverrides, I would not be the only one to be grateful I guess ;)
> I don't have a working woody station at the moment so I am not able to
> write something about it.

	I might have time to do what I did when I opened my little mouth in the 
debian-java mailing list. I asked "is there a FAQ" answer: "no, write one", and
I went through all the archived mail in the last half year in order to have a
useful Debian-Java FAQ (now available at your nearest DDP :)

	One of the things I think will be most useful in order to give content to the
FAQ is to re-read all the discussions that have taken place in the
debian-security mailing list, since many of them will assault gurus/novice


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