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Securing Debian HOWTO - Now in SGML

Hi folks

As I've had sometime during the weekend I rewrote the HOWTO in SGML as
some of you had wished. The URL is (note the slash ;))


Currently there is the text, html and SGML version available. Ought to be
enough for everybody. I cleaned up some paragraphs (I wonder what awful
grammar I'm able to write, so some rhetoric geniuses, please correct my
failures), and added a few things. Not too much has changed.

However it needs some more content, I didn't update for quite a long time.
I will try to do this in the next days.

Oh, and if someone volunteers to write a paragraph about
dpkg-statoverrides, I would not be the only one to be grateful I guess ;)
I don't have a working woody station at the moment so I am not able to
write something about it.

MfG/Regards, Alexander

Alexander Reelsen   http://joker.rhwd.de
ref@linux.com       GnuPG: pub 1024D/F0D7313C  sub 2048g/6AA2EDDB
ar@rhwd.net         7D44 F4E3 1993 FDDF 552E  7C88 EE9C CBD1 F0D7 313C
Securing Debian:    http://joker.rhwd.de/doc/Securing-Debian-HOWTO

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