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What should a Debian-security metapackage should provide?

(I'm taking this out of the previous thread)

	I've been giving some thought on a Debian metapackage related to security.. and
I think that it might be useful to have a package that :

- included security-related documentation (aka Debian Security FAQ)
- provide useful scripts in examples dir(for example cron.daily updates from
- provided dependencies for free security tools in Debian so that users do not
have to be gurus in order to know *what* to install.

	For example, I would add dependancies on snort, nessus, nmap, queso, cracklib2,
ethereal, firestarter (when available as a Debian package), john, netdiag,
sniffit, otp, makepasswd, logcheck, secpolicy, libpam, lasg... (might have left
others outs). Kind of a swiss-army security knife :)

	It could also Conflict with known no-security packages..

	Any ideas? Is it really interesting or just a pointless idea?

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