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Re: task-unstable-security-updates?

On Sun, Nov 19, 2000 at 12:55:00PM -0700, Mike Fisk wrote:
> There doesn't seem to be an automatic way to get all of the unstable
> packages necessary to address reported security problems.  You either
> have to watch the security mailing lists and upgrade individual packages 
> yourself or do a full dist-upgrade every so often.  As often as packages
> get updated in unstable, that can be prohibitibely bandwidth and
> time-consuming.

 Set up a cron job to do the downloads while you sleep.  Do the 
apt-get dist-upgrade  while you're sitting in front of it, in case anything
goes wrong, of course.  This is much faster, since you are going off your
hard drive instead of downloading.

I do this:
55 5    * * sun root    apt-get update && apt-get autoclean && apt-get -q -d -y -u dist-upgrade

 This uses -d, so it _will not_ do anything more than download.  You have to
use -y, but it is safe since you are using -d.

 I've been doing this for several months, and I haven't had any problems
with it.  It sends me a nice email detailing what got deleted and what is
ready to get installed.

 If I'm busy that weekend and there weren't any security critical things
(except for local-user stuff, which I don't bust my butt about since the
only people who have accounts are my family, and they have physical access
anyway.  (err, also there's the fact that I trust them:) )

 Happy hacking.

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