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Re: task-unstable-security-updates?

On 00-11-19 Mike Fisk wrote:
[big snip]
> Is that possible?  Would the security team be willing to maintain such a
> pseudo-package?

Something very close to this kind of task package has been discussed
recently on debian-devel and we come to the conclusion that it won't be
helpful or easy to maintain and the debian security guys already do a
great job and spend lot's of time on fixing the security issues. So
telling them to maintain such a package would increase their work-load
without anu necessarity. And if you already run unstable (woody) on your
system(s), then you should be able to just do an apt-get upgrade to get
a fixed package. And those dependencies, as you suggest them, wouldn't
help, because the old package doesn't exist anymore in the archives when
the new get's installed. So instead of putting a higher burden on the
securiy team, you should run regularly (once a week at least) apt-get
upgrade if you have unstable and everything should be fine.

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