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Re: Postfix is spammer-friendly by default on potato and woody

On Thu, Nov 02, 2000 at 01:58:52AM -0900, Ethan Benson wrote:
> > MAIL FROM:<nobody@some.other.host.running.postfix>
> > RCPT TO:<me@my.hostname>
> well i don't know anyone running postfix who i can ask to test this
> with... im certainly not going to go try it without asking ! bad karma
> ;-)

Hmm...wise decision ;-]

> but i really recall that kind of test being included in the
> mail-abuse.org suite.  unfortuantly im not running a mailserver
> anymore.  so i cannot really do much real testing.. my fake DNSless lan
> would not be very accurate ;-)

mail-abuse.org just test relaying...and postfix fails the test, but doesn't
relay anyway... In our case, the mail is not going to be relayed but
delivered localy. It's the responsibility of the admin to decide what
envelope From (and other stuff) he is going to accept. The default should
stay open.

> can someone else running a production postfix server comment on this? 

Well...let's just say that if your DNS is flaky, this wouldn't be a good
option to add. The message will be rejected with a 4xx code, meaning the
sending host will try for a few days and then stop.
It catches some spam, though.

IMO, if the volume of spam is of concern to an admin, he should read the
docs and fix it himself.


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