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Re: Bug#75144: GNOME'e nterm service

>>>> "SB" == Sergio Brandano <sb@dcs.qmw.ac.uk> writes:

>> I suspect it's determined more by the corba layer, or something of that
>> ilk, at startup-time. It would be more to the point if you did 
>> $ sudo netstat -pant | grep LIST | grep -Ei 'gnome|session'
>> I think it's something Sergio's running as part of gnome-session, if not
>> the session itself, that's opening up a listener on the lowest port it can
>> (above 1024).

SB>  I now remember that there was a relation between nterm and "orbit",
SB>  but never managed to get it through.

I find nothing in the latest (0.5.4) orbit source tree with rgrep {nterm,1026} *


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