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Re: need help.....

"jason" <jason@kt.wox.org> writes:

> I use Linux file server which shares several samba directory for
> M$-clients.:p>
>  I'm wanna check directory quantity that I choice one, so that I can give
> the alarm to M$-client.:p>
> The alarm is such as ¡°you don¡¯t have any room, so it¡¯s time to
> backup¡±:p>

There are disk-space-watching programs available on http://freshmeat.net/ ,
or alternatively you can see what I use at
Adjust it to spawn `echo eek\! | smbclient -M hostname' and you'll get a
popup message on a windoze host, otherwise as-is it'll send mail to
`admins'. Runs from cron(8).

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