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Re: Editing and storing encrypted files


I've played a bit with autocommands in vim (the first time ever
I looked at them), and came up with this (shamelessly stolen
from the default vimrc, there it handles *.bz2):

augroup encrypted

    autocmd BufReadPre,FileReadPre        *.gpg set bin
    autocmd BufReadPre,FileReadPre        *.gpg let ch_save = &ch|set ch=2
    autocmd BufReadPost,FileReadPost      *.gpg '[,']!gpg --decrypt 2> /dev/null
    autocmd BufReadPost,FileReadPost      *.gpg set nobin
    autocmd BufReadPost,FileReadPost      *.gpg let &ch = ch_save|unlet ch_save
    autocmd BufReadPost,FileReadPost      *.gpg execute ":doautocmd BufReadPost " . expand("%:r")

    autocmd BufWritePre,FileWritePre    *.gpg   '[,']!gpg --encrypt 2> /dev/null
augroup END

It seems to work for me, and the .swp file is _encrypted_, no
need to disable them.

Could somebody more familiar with vim than me please tell me
(us) wheter this writes anything unencrypted onto disk? If not,
shall I file a wishlist bug against vim-rt to include this?

ciao, 2ri
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