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Help with t50 i386 non reproducibility, or, possible "march=native" like problem


We've always had problems with t50's new upstream forcing some CPU specific instructions, like hardcoding "march=native" in the Makefile.

Usually the main signal of this type of problem is the non-reproducibility of the package, the diff being some assembly instructions.

The problem is that we are seeing this happening now[0], and I believe we should make sure that this is not the case before releasing it on Buster.

I tried taking a look but couldn't find anything, so I'd like to ask for the team's help, as I know we have people good at this kind of stuff.

The main objective here is identify the source of the non-reproducibility on i386, in order to know if it's related to some cpu specific thing being changed at compilation time, which would consist of RC bug.


Samuel Henrique <samueloph>

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