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[Pkg-security-team] Maintenance of aircrack-ng


>Please feel free to push the repo. Gianfranco, i've just cleaned the aircrack-ng repo from pkg-security (made a new one). I tried to gbp import-dscs but i got some >errors, so if you could make that for me it would be great!

yep, I got them too, sometimes some old packages on snapshots aren't downloadable.
I ended up in manually downloading the dsc and importing them :)
(they weren't too many)

>Also, thanks a lot for our help!

thanks to you, it is now pushed, I hope it is fine to start from there
(maybe delete the latest debian tag, since it isn't uploaded)
or override it later

>Thanks Carlos, please join the team so we can release the new version soon (remember there's still some TODOs on debian/TODO). When i finish them, i will send >another email asking for your confirmation on releasing the new version, in case you wanna double check the changes.



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