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[Pkg-security-team] Maintenance of aircrack-ng

Hi Carlos!

>Certainly in not MIA.

nice to see you there! :D
>Is true that a long time has happened since the last upload. I just got
>busy with other things, and so far there hasn't been any serious bug
>report about it. So I assume it still works as expected.

not a problem, life happens :)

>I plan to upload the last released version of aircrack-ng on time for
>Stretch. Probably on october/november. I don't think I will have time

wonderful, I hope with help from Samuel you can avoid some work, if it
is fine for you

>However, I'm ok with moving the package under the umbrella of
>pkg-security team meanwhile I keep upload rights. Perhaps I can also
>even join the team as security packages are of general interest to me.

yes, that would be awesome!

>I think it will be also a good idea to setup a git repository for it.

wrt repository, Samuel, can you please keep the history of previous releases?
something like
gbp import-dscs --debsnap git-import-dsc --pristine-tar aircrack-ng
might work, and then add your changes on top of it :)



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