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[Pkg-security-team] Maintenance of aircrack-ng

Hi Mattia


>[ please teach your MUA to wrap lines at a decent width, unless you have
>to reason to do so, the formatting of huge lines is annoying to see ]

yep sorry!

>So no, Carlos can't be considered MIA, the last upload from him is from>not even a month ago, and mails from him in the BTS can be find for this

yep, we found an answer in the meanwhile :)
>I don't see any RC bug against aircrack-ng, but I trust you if you say
>that the package needs care.
>I suppose that that non-MIAness of the maintainer doesn't really block
>you from following the usual NMU procedure to fix whatever bug the
>current package has, as long as the usual proceder delined in devref is

security needs more updates than other packages, security levels increases, 

security tools needs changes to adapt to latest technologies, and it got really
a ton of improvements, as you can see here

(IIRC I did a manual update in Backbox a while ago, just because users were needing
and requesting it)

>if you have lost interest in the package in question *please*, *please*
>orphan it!
>Having package with the maintainer set to somebody that can't (due to
>time issues) or don't want to maintain it is only a source of annoiance
>for 1) your user because they receive a package of a lower quality of
>what they deserve 2) your fellow developers because they have to go

>through huge hops to get fixes in.

thanks, seems not needed anymore!



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