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[Pkg-security-team] Maintenance of aircrack-ng

Hi Mia Team,

>Considering that the last upload to aircrack-ng made by you was 2 years ago, i'm sending this email to see if you're still interested in maintaining aircrack-ng, >the package is very outdated and it lacks various changes on its packaging.
>I'm willing to take on the maintenance of the package if you're not interested anymore, i would maintain it under the pkg-security team, probably with help from >another uploader, providing it with all the changes and updates needed.
>I already did some changes on the packaging and uploaded them to mentors, i had to contact upstream to fix some things and understand others, if you confirm that i >can take over the packaging or doesn't respond on a reasonable time, i'm planning to fix everything missing (the one present on mentors is not complete yet) and >upload it.
>Thanks for you consideration and effort on the previous uploads of aircrack-ng.
>Please add pkg-security as a cc when answering this email.

considering the importance of aircrack-ng for the security group, I would like to know if the maintainer is MIA or not.
a package takeover might sound hostile and not happening in the near future but the package really needs care :)
(and the freeze is approaching)



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