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RFS ete

Hi everyone,

I've been looking for a sponsor for ete for a few weeks now.  I've
asked on the Sponsoring of Blends page, but I don't
receive any reply.

If anyone would be willing to take a look, the git repository is at:

 * Package name    : ete
   Version         : 3.1.1-1
   Upstream Author : Jaime Huerta Cepas <huerta.jaime@inia.es>
 * URL             : https://etetoolkit.org/
 * License         : GPL
 * Vcs             :  https://github.com/etetoolkit/ete
   Section         : python

It builds those binary packages:

  python3-ete - A Python framework for the analysis and visualization
of trees (Python 3)

To access further information about this package, please visit the
following URL:



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