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Re: Next python-mote pre-condition - issue with pybuild: python-backports.tempfile conflicting python-backports.weakref

[Andreas Tille, 2018-01-22]
> Hi,
> I kept on working packaging python-moto predependencies.  I'm now
> stumbling upon python-backports.tempfile[1] and
> python-backports.weakref[2].  My naive packaging attempt puts
> the modules into
>    /usr/lib/python*/dist-packages/backports
> leaving the same package
>    /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/backports/__init__.py

if it's an empty file (or can be removed, as most probably in this case)
you can tell dh_python2 to handle the namespace for you with:

 	dh_python2 --namespace backports

For Python 3, __init__.py is not needed anymore, so you can simply
remove it in both packages by creating debian/python3-foo.pyremove file
with "backports/__init__.py"

> for both packages and thus the packages are conflicting.  I have no idea
> why pybuild simply uses the dir backports instead of the full module

that's how Python works, nothing to do with pybuild
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