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Re: New GitLab-Salsa service and Debian-Science Team

On Fri, Jan 05, 2018 at 10:23:27PM +0100, Anton Gladky wrote:

> it looks that the problem with the URL-redirect from the anonscm to salsa
> is resolved [1].  I am going to start the bulk-migration of repos, placed in
> the folder /git/debian-science/packages/ on git.debian.org (currently 985!)
> soon. Of course the URL-redirection rules will be generated immediately.

Thanks for doing this!

> Also I propose to move the migrated repos into the folder
> /git/debian-science/packages/MigratedToSalsa/ on alioth
> to escape the confusing situation with two working repos.

Instead of moving them, the right solution seems to lock them, using hooks,
preventing any further push.

See /git/pkg-postgresql/postgresql-common.git/hooks/pre-receive on alioth for
an example of such a lock.

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