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Re: Bug#886399: RFS: opencascade/7.2.0-2 [ITP]

Hi Kurt Kremitzki,

many thanks for the package!

As the package is huge, I think review will take some time and probably
some iterations. I will start on the review, but I hope that others
will chime in. (I will not have enough time for a complete review

- d/README.Debian.html
I'm not sure if we want a html file as README.debian. It seems also
quite outdates (referring to version 6.5). Its content is also covered
by other parts of the pacakging (e.g by d/control), so I guess it
should be deleted
- d/README.source
Same here, quilt is standard nowardays, so it can be retired.
I'm not sure about the repacking part, but if that is still true,
the package version would needs to be a -dfsg anyway.
- d/changelog
Please keep at Debian revision -1 until this is sponsored.
But as this is a reintroduction of an old package, you will
still need to record all the changes you have made to the old
(There is also extra blank lines below your entries)
- d/compat: Did you see if you can use compat level 11?
- please add dep3 headers to the patches.

- d/control
  - VCS-* are for the Debian packaging, not for the upstream
  - Would be great if you could maintain the package on a git repo; you
can use salsa.debian.org for it.

I try to dedicate some more time later...

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