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Re: Bug#886399: RFS: opencascade/7.2.0-2 [ITP]

On Fri, 2018-01-05 at 13:30 +0100, Tobias Frost wrote:
> Hi Kurt Kremitzki,
> many thanks for the package!
> As the package is huge, I think review will take some time and
> probably
> some iterations. I will start on the review, but I hope that others
> will chime in. (I will not have enough time for a complete review
> today)

Indeed this is a huge package, so thanks for taking the time to review
my work. 

> - d/README.Debian.html
> I'm not sure if we want a html file as README.debian. It seems also
> quite outdates (referring to version 6.5). Its content is also
> covered
> by other parts of the pacakging (e.g by d/control), so I guess it
> should be deleted
> - d/README.source
> Same here, quilt is standard nowardays, so it can be retired.
> I'm not sure about the repacking part, but if that is still true,
> the package version would needs to be a -dfsg anyway.

Yes, these were artifacts from version 6.5.0 and were meant to be
deleted.  I've fixed that.

> - d/changelog
> Please keep at Debian revision -1 until this is sponsored.
> But as this is a reintroduction of an old package, you will
> still need to record all the changes you have made to the old
> packaging.
> (There is also extra blank lines below your entries)

Thanks, I wasn't sure how to upload changes so I was bumping the Debian
revision number. I got help in #debian-mentors and corrected this.

> - d/compat: Did you see if you can use compat level 11?

Corrected as well.

> - please add dep3 headers to the patches.

I've added these, hopefully they look OK.

> - d/control
>   - VCS-* are for the Debian packaging, not for the upstream
> repository.
>   - Would be great if you could maintain the package on a git repo;
> you
> can use salsa.debian.org for it.

Ah, I wasn't sure on this point.  I've uploaded the source to https://s
alsa.debian.org/kkremitzki-guest/opencascade and updated the VCS-*
stuff to point there.  Does that look alright?  I got started reading
the documentation for git-buildpackage but hopefully a full transition
to getting this package based on salsa.d.o instead of an upstream
tarball can be done as an improvement after getting the package into

> Sofar...
> I try to dedicate some more time later...

Thanks again!  The updated package is uploaded now at https://mentors.d

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