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Re: R package CI test failures

On Fri, Jun 17, 2016 at 04:18:40PM +0200, Gordon Ball wrote:
> Pushed some fixes to git/svn:
>  * r-cran-doparallel: extra test dependency r-cran-rpart, patch which
> removes an attempt to write a report within the (read-only) package dir


>  * r-cran-matrixstats: cp and rm in run-unit-test didn't work with subdirs

Was uploaded some time ago.  BTW, I reverted your change of Vcs-Browser
since the previous value works and is IMHO perfectly correct.

>  * r-cran-mlmrev: wrong package name in run-unit-test


>  * r-bioc-annotationhub: test expects a writable $HOME, requires
> r-bioc-genomicranges; but does then attempt to download data during the
> test so might fail anyway
>  * r-bioc-limma: test dep on r-cran-mass
>  * r-bioc-snpstats: test dep on r-cran-hexbin

All three uploaded yesterday - thanks for your patches.

Kind regards



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