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Re: R package CI test failures


On Wed, Jun 08, 2016 at 03:50:18PM +0200, Gordon Ball wrote:
> Returning a few weeks later: CRAN packages.
> r-cran-adegraphics:
> r-cran-surveillance:
> waiting for r-cran-spdep

Its the fourth time in new queue and I tried to convince ftpmaster
that it is urgend (with no success for the moment).
> r-cran-afex:
> run-unit-test script hides output, so you don't see what goes wrong
> missing test dependency on r-cran-dplyr
> missing test dependency on mlmrev (not packaged) for the "conception"
> dataset

Any volunteer for mlmrev?
> r-cran-bbmisc:
> r-cran-futile.logger
> These have R-level errors in the test suites which I can't obviously
> understand the causes of.

Hmmm ...
> r-cran-doparallel
> fixed the run-unit-test in SVN not to hide output, which reveals:
> missing test dependency on r-cran-caret
> missing test dependency on mlbench (unpackaged)
> attempts to write a summary to the (read-only) package installation
> directory - this is hard-coded in doRUnit.R and probably needs a patch

Ahhh, probably my upload was to fast - I should have read this list
> r-cran-hexbin
> run-unit-test tries to run R extracted from the vignette (fails due to
> missing unpackaged dependency marray), but doesn't run test/*.R (which
> should succeed)
> the package doesn't actually install run-unit-test or test/*
> r-cran-matrixstats
> Vcs-Browser link is broken

What is actually wrong?  Feel free to commit a fix.

> Fixed in SVN an error in run-unit-test (directories in test/) - should
> (hopefully) now work

Seems to work - I've just uploaded your fix.
> r-cran-msm
> the errors are fixed by upgrading to 1.6.1 (tested)

It's on my todo list.  Anybody could feel free to beat me.  I'll be
offline from 10.-17. June ...
> r-cran-sp
> missing test dependency rgeos

Feel free to commit a patch - I can upload.
> Addendum:
> I'm not very familiar with svn-buildpackage; I use the following
> gbp-buildpackage ~/.gbp.conf to build and run tests using an schroot;
> does anyone have an equivalent for svn-buildpackage?

I'm using git-buildpackage but never used svn-buildpackage.  I unpack
the source and copy debian/ dir over and use pdebuild then.
Kind regards



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