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Re: Last call before metapackage creation for Wheezy

Hi Ambrose,

On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 06:38:52PM +1000, Ambrose Andrews wrote:
> Ferret-vis (under at least "Meteorology") has been removed from Wheezy.

thanks for the hint but this is regarded automatically and exactly the
reason why the metapackages are created that late in the release
process:  The metapackages will not Depend / Recommend packages that are
not in testing.  (These are actually downgraded to "Suggests".)

If you look at the versions that are displayed at


you see that the web sentinel is correctly specifying the fact that
ferret-vis is only in unstable.

The only thing we need to make sure (and what my mail was about) is,
that all packages which are relevant for a specific science are
mentioned on the websentinel pages to make sure they will be regarded in
the check for the metapackage creation procedure.

Kind regards



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