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Re: Package Proposal: gerbil


On 10/15/2012 07:17 PM, Johannes Michael Jordan wrote:
> To conclude, we would be very happy to see a Debian package of Gerbil.
> We believe it is a good candidate to Debian Science, as it provides
> unique features to a research audience in the fields of astronomy,
> remote sensing, image reflectance analysis, cultural heritage, etc.
> I look forward to your comments on the proposal. Thank you for your time!

great to hear from you .. and of Gerbil, admittedly.

My suggestion is to look for some Debian folks locally to you and
eventually start uploading new versions of gerbil yourself. To me,
this to be the only way to integrate the Debian community with
your production environment and mutually learn from each others'

My suggestion is to start contacting someone close to you from
this list,
the keysigning is where it all starts, anyway. You
will then certainly be pointed to a volunteer or get some extra
guidance complementary to what this list provided you with.

Many greetings


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