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Package Proposal: gerbil

To whom it may concern:

I am maintainer of the Gerbil project which deals with multispectral and
hyperspectral image visualization and analysis. The project originates
from ongoing research in these fields but is clearly positioned as a
free software project, as we believe free software goes hand-in-hand
with scientific exchange.

The project is GPLv3 and can be found at http://gerbil.sf.net

Within Debian Science, the package would fit best into the Astronomy,
Image analysis and Viewing categories. Reasoning:
A prominent application of hyperspectral images is astronomy, and Gerbil
also participates in this year's Summer of Code in Space from the
European Space Agency. Gerbil incorporates several important algorithms
for image analysis, including edge detection, mean-shift clustering and
supervised segmentation. Finally, the most powerful and unique feature
of Gerbil is the interactive parallel coordinates visualization of the
multispectral image, making it fit to Viewing.

We use Debian stable is the main development platform. So packaging
should be easy, however I lack basic knowledge about Debian packaging.
There is also an ArchLinux package available:

To conclude, we would be very happy to see a Debian package of Gerbil.
We believe it is a good candidate to Debian Science, as it provides
unique features to a research audience in the fields of astronomy,
remote sensing, image reflectance analysis, cultural heritage, etc.
I look forward to your comments on the proposal. Thank you for your time!

Best Regards,
Johannes Jordan

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