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Re: RFS: givaro/3.7.1-1

Hi Daniel,

On 14:49 Sun 07/15/12 Jul     , Daniel Leidert wrote:
> To me it looks like givaro-dev-doc and givaro-user-doc should better be
> libgivaro-doc. The homepage says something about "user documentaion is
> lightweight" but to me it sounds like both are library documentation. So

Thanks for reviewing the package. I agree they are both library
documentation. The difference between them is that, "user
documentation" only describes external interfaces, while "developer
documentation" includes detailed internal interfaces and data
structures as well, which are not likely interesting for most users of
the library. I divided the documentation into two packages only for
saving disk space.

> is there really a necessity for dividing between user and developers
> documentation at package level? Is there a necessity to ship both or
> could we only ship the more detailed(?) developers documentation?

The developer documentation is not well organised (separate external
and internal interfaces), so library users may get confused by the
details of internal interface when they dive into the developer



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