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Re: Maintaining python-ase in Debian Science team?

Hi Ask,

On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 03:10:06AM +0200, Ask Hjorth Larsen wrote:
> > I noticed that you are maintaining the package python-ase which is
> > mentioned inside the nanoscale-physics task of Debian Science.  I wonder
> > whether you might consider team maintenance of this package to enable
> > other team members commiting code stright into VCS (either SVN or Git
> > whatever you prefer).  It would specifically interesting because the
> > tasks file is mentioning some reference
> >
> >    Title: An object-oriented scripting interface to a legacy electronic structure code
> >    Author: S. R. Bahn and K. W. Jacobsen
> >    Year: 2002
> >    In: Computing in Science and Engineering, 4:56-66
> >    URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/5992.998641
> >    DOI: 10.1109/5992.998641
> >
> > which should rather be turned into a debian/upstream file.  Those
> > upstream files are obtained straigth from VCS in case a package is
> > maintained there - so this would give an extra reason to maintain your
> > package in VCS.  Please tell me if you consider this to enable me
> > just creating the debian/upstream file straight there or whether you
> > rather want me filing a bug report with a patch.
> Unfortunately the reference in question is not freely available (with
> scientific publishers as always abusing copyright laws to siphon money
> out of universities' pockets, not to mention hindering the
> dissemination of scientific knowledge),

While I perfectly agree that it would be great to have a freely
available publication the fact that the text is not freely available
this is not a singularity.  The sense of simply specifying publication
data is to give the authors of the software some credit and the users
some extra information.  We as Debian maintainers do not have no means
to force publishers to change their mind.

> but also it is very old and
> does not correspond closely ASE nowadays.  In practice I would regard
> it as unimportant, except it is the thing that one would usually cite
> if using ASE.  All current info on ASE is on the ASE web page
> wiki.fysik.dtu.dk/ase .

Is there any more recent publication?
> Let me know if there is anything I can do.  I would be quite happy if
> others want to help as well.

When I was mentioning the publication data this was only one example how
you could profit from injecting the package into Debian Science VCS.
These days we try to put all packages under team maintenance in VCS for
several reasons.  You might like to consider following Debian Science
policy[1] to do so.

Kind regards


[1] http://debian-science.alioth.debian.org/debian-science-policy.html


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