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Maintaining python-ase in Debian Science team?

Hi Ask,

I noticed that you are maintaining the package python-ase which is
mentioned inside the nanoscale-physics task of Debian Science.  I wonder
whether you might consider team maintenance of this package to enable
other team members commiting code stright into VCS (either SVN or Git
whatever you prefer).  It would specifically interesting because the
tasks file is mentioning some reference

   Title: An object-oriented scripting interface to a legacy electronic structure code
   Author: S. R. Bahn and K. W. Jacobsen
   Year: 2002
   In: Computing in Science and Engineering, 4:56-66
   URL: http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/5992.998641
   DOI: 10.1109/5992.998641

which should rather be turned into a debian/upstream file.  Those
upstream files are obtained straigth from VCS in case a package is
maintained there - so this would give an extra reason to maintain your
package in VCS.  Please tell me if you consider this to enable me
just creating the debian/upstream file straight there or whether you
rather want me filing a bug report with a patch.

Kind regards



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