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Re: RE : RE : RE :cctbx debian package

OK, Nevermind that boost problem was my own stupidity. I was compiling against
my systems boost lib and the version was actually too low. But it's building
with 1.49 in sid so no problem here. So I'll push my results later.

On Sat, 14. Jul 21:15, Baptiste Carvello wrote:
> I didn't think cctbx supports python3, so I didn't even try. For 2.7, it
> does build, see below.
python2.6 and python2.7 both build.

> Thats exactly how it works. The only problem I had is that we can't use
> the system scons, because in their build system, the configured version
> of python must be the one used for running scons. But I think using the
> in-tree scons is acceptable.
Why can't we use the systems scons? I was using it. In my understanding the
compilation is only dependent of the python include or am I missing something?
> Right now, I got several python packages built with the same rather
> simple setup.py. The resulting modules don't run yet because I still
> need to solve small problems with the runtime dependencies.
Sounds promising!


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