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Re: RE : RE : RE :cctbx debian package

Le 14/07/2012 11:55, PICCA Frédéric-Emmanuel a écrit :
> In that case we just need to be sure that it is possible to build with the right
> python version.
> for now python 2.6 2.7 and 3.2 are supported.

I didn't think cctbx supports python3, so I didn't even try. For 2.7, it
does build, see below.

> in fact when you build your package with
> dh --with python2, it just call python2.x setup.py build which did the right things linking to the right python runtime.
> If their scons build system allow to do that, it is ok.

Thats exactly how it works. The only problem I had is that we can't use
the system scons, because in their build system, the configured version
of python must be the one used for running scons. But I think using the
in-tree scons is acceptable.

Right now, I got several python packages built with the same rather
simple setup.py. The resulting modules don't run yet because I still
need to solve small problems with the runtime dependencies.


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