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Re: RE : RE : RE : RE : RE : cctbx debian package

On Thu, 12. Jul 16:40, Baptiste Carvello wrote:
> Well, this is a rather big project, not packaged in Debian and dead
> upstream. Also, step 1.5a doesn't seem too difficult after all. For now
> I implemented a very crude solution that only does the copying of the
> extensions, and only for the cctbx package, but calling scons in an
> external process should not be too difficult. Especially if I can rely
> on the build directory to be already configured.
> I work in a git branch I called setuppy which is directly based on the
> upstream snapshot. For now, I uploaded it to a clone on bitbucket:
> https://bitbucket.org/bcarvello/cctbx/
> I still have much work to do on it, but you can have a look if you want.
Looks interesting! Just FYI scons commandline uses this method:

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