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Re: RE : RE : RE : cctbx debian package

Le 09/07/2012 12:53, Radostan Riedel a écrit :
> Baptiste can you tell us your opinion.

Hi Radi, hi Frédéric,

I'm still around, but I've been fighting with the tools (cowbuilder
mostly, it now works, and I get the same build error as Frédéric).

Regarding the python packages, I don't think we can rely much on the
upstream build system, as they just set PYTHONPATH and use the modules
in-place in the source tree. So we'll have to copy the .py files, and
maybe a few data files too (not sure, I found some, but they seem to
only be used in tests).

As far as the setup.py is concerned, my proposition would be to write a
fake 'build' stage that executes after the upstream build system and
only copies the files to the appropriate places, so that the distutils
'install' stage can find them.


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