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Re: RE : RE : RE : Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

On Sat, 07. Jul 09:43, PICCA Frédéric-Emmanuel wrote:
> Hello
> ok I added 
> build: build-py
> but now I got this error :), it seems that a build-dep is missing :) libgl1-mesa-dev ?

> you should always build your package with pbuilder or cowbuilder to check that it will build in the buildd.
> git-buildpackage --git-pbuilder is your friend :)
Yeah I know shame on me :)! I was just working on other problems first...
Seriously I don't think the rules file is in a shape where it can be used yet. A
lot of cctbx packages were added and others got thrown out since last year. Also
there is a bug in fftw3tbx were also header files are missing. Problem is that
they are providing their own sources for the libs and we need to patch that all
out and repack. The whole upstream package is a construction site :D. 
As long this little issue aren't fixed I can't even say for sure how much libs
are being build finally since scons just skips building without an error.
Also we need to remove a few build-deps. For example libcbf and libann. They are
extending the libcbf with some cpp for detectors and linking it statically to
libcbf.a and python-ext. For libann they are doing self-includes so I guess it's probably best
to link that statically too!

I decided to work on the shlib versioning first or do you have different 
opinion in what should be done first?


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