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Re: Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing


I've been not happy with my patch to make shlib versioning work with cctbx
using their scons system so I decided to start over. So I read the libtool docs 
and studied the Scons sources. And I came up with a solution. 
My patch is not finished yet (a bit hackish for testing). 

Basically my idea is to make a new option for libtbx/configure.py
called --libtoolize rpath. 

It only takes a few changes in libtbx/SConscript and for every lib a *.la file 
is build. I just tested it a bit and it works well
just one little issue I can't solve. They are setting LIBPATH "-L" in their
build process which messes up the dependency_libs variable in the *.la file!
Looks like this on my system:

dependency_libs=' -Llib -L/home/ray/Entwicklung/cctbx/cctbx_sources/lib'

I thought about setting $LIBRARY_PATH during build process but the problem is
that somehow the linking is omitted by Scons because they are using "#lib" as a
build target path variable and this only works when this variable is set in the
LIBPATH variable. I think it's not a good idea to change every single target

So if you have some suggestions how I could solve that issue or give me a hint
for a manual I'd really appreciate. My idea is just to "sed" that part out
before installing them with libtool but it's a little bit hackish I guess.


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