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Re: Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

> if the ABI is not stable we need to be sure that the upstream take
> care of the so name changed which come with ABI breakage. they need to
> read this [2].
OK I'm attaching a patch which could work. Basically upstream could set the
version in every single SConstruct script by setting the variable
"env_etc.shlibversion". If this is not set it sets to "0". So in my opinion it
comes very close to this what libtool does. Patch is not finished yet I need to
make it more global etc.
> if this is not the case, we can leave with private shared library.
> /usr/lib/cctbx look at here [1]. You can also google for debian rpath.
> if thoses shared library are only private.
In my opinion this is not a good idea. I don't want to loose the c++ interface
And I know some projects which are using the c++ class library. Otherwise I
could just go and statically link those libraries into the python extensions and
not deal with rpath.

> An option is to create a target in the rule file which generate the
> control file from the _config file as you propose, but this target
> should be called manualy so it can be double check the same idea was
> proposed here [4].
Good idea!
> it mean thaht we should propose python-xxx modules for each modules.
> maybe debtree[5] can help you and provide a nice picture of the
> packaging of cctbx and all its dependencies.
debtree looks nice I'll look into it.
--- a/cctbx_sources/libtbx/SConscript
+++ b/cctbx_sources/libtbx/SConscript
@@ -529,11 +529,37 @@
     env_etc.extension_module_suffix = ".so"
+    env_etc.shlibversion = ".0"
     env_etc.shlibsuffix = ".so"
+    env_etc.shvsuffix = env_etc.shlibsuffix + env_etc.shlibversion
     env_etc.extension_module_suffix = ".so"
+    env_base.Append(LIBSUFFIXES=[env_etc.shlibsuffix,env_etc.shvsuffix])
   env_etc.libm = []
   if (env_etc.compiler in ["unix_gcc", "unix_gcc4"]):
+    import SCons.Action
+    import SCons.Defaults
+    def symlinkso(target, source, env):
+      for t in target:
+        path = t.abspath
+        if os.path.isfile(path):
+          linkpath = re.sub(r'(.+\.so)(\..*)',r'\1',path)
+          if path != linkpath:
+            os.symlink(path, linkpath)
+    LinkSO = SCons.Action.Action(symlinkso, None)
+    action_list = [ SCons.Defaults.SharedCheck,
+                    SCons.Defaults.ShLinkAction,
+                    LinkSO]
+    shared_lib = SCons.Builder.Builder(action = action_list,
+                                       SHLIBSUFFIX=env_etc.shvsuffix,
+                                       emitter = "$SHLIBEMITTER",
+                                       prefix = '$SHLIBPREFIX',
+                                       suffix = '$SHLIBSUFFIX',
+                                       SHLINKFLAGS='${SHLINKFLAGS}'+' -Wl,-soname=${TARGET.file}',
+                                       target_scanner = ProgramScanner,
+                                       src_suffix = '$SHOBJSUFFIX',
+                                       src_builder = 'SharedObject')
+    env_base['BUILDERS']['VersionedSharedLibrary'] = shared_lib
     env_etc.static_libraries = 0
     env_etc.static_bpl = 0
     cc = env_etc.compiler.replace("unix_", "")

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