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RE : Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

Hello both of you, I created the gpp4 and clipper git repositories from the Ubuntu packages

I would refresh them using dh, fixing the watch files to check if we have the latest version of the libraries etc...


> Hello Baptiste,

> Great! Yeah some of the patches don't apply completely or they are obsolete.
> I need to reread them and study the code again to refresh my memory :D.
> I just finished a new patch to get the shared objects versioning working
> since this is not supported by scons but we need versioning for Libraries in
> Debian.

This scons things is a pain, how many libraries are generated from the cctbx package ?
can you describe the organisation of the package by providing your expected control file.
so we can have a better vision of the organisation of the core.
It is quite obscute me looking at the upstream source organisation.



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