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Re: Bug#679990: ITP: clipper -- object oriented development kit for crystallographic computing

Le 03/07/2012 17:05, Picca Frédéric-Emmanuel a écrit :
> Yes we decided to work on thoses packages, because of cctbx which is
> used in bio crystallography. but also in some software like pyNX[1]
> used for nano material science :). mostly diffraction which is quite
> related to crystallography.
> maybe you chould be the MOM of july under my responsability
> what do you think about this Andreas and you of course Radi ?
> See you
> Frederic
> [1] http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/pynx/index.php?title=Main_Page


I would be interested in helping package cctbx, which I have used in the
past for its Python interface. Is there already an ITP for that?

Speaking of which:

*  some of the design choices of the upstream authors are rather
annoying for packaging, such as the eavy reliance on environment
variables, or the use of python -Qnew. Has somebody been in contact with

* it seems that some part of cctbx is already used in Debian in the
package objcryst-fox. Maybe its maintainer has some knowledge to share...


P.S.: I'm new to the list, but I met some of you at the ESRF workshop in
Grenoble last week.

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