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Re: BibTeX help needed (Was: You can now check BibTeX file obtained from debian/upstream files)


Andreas Tille wrote (Tue, 8 May 2012):
>    http://blends.debian.net/packages-metadata/bibtex_help_needed

The problem is the .bib file is wrong. All its entries are doubly-quoted, using 
both quotation marks (") and braces. It should only be one of either, not 
both. Because of the double-quotation, BibTex parses those entries not as a 
set of first and last names but as one single (long) name. Remove the quote 
characters surrounding the authors field (and the other fields, too - as far as 
I can tell, they are all redundant at least, and problematic at worst) and it 
ought to work.

Here's another description of the BibTex format I might suggest reading: 


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