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You can now check BibTeX file obtained from debian/upstream files


I'm intentionally breaking the longish thread (and I'm to lazy to check
in what mail the suggestion was to process the BibTeX file through
LaTeX - just implemented it ;-)).



you can find the files debian.{bib,tex,pdf}.  All these files are
auto-generated when importing debian/upstream files.  I changed the
export procedure for the *.bib file to now have sorted output for better
comparison with previous versions and general handling.

In addition I created a very basic debian.tex file which contains
(package, source, description, bibtexkey) rows in a table if a package
has a related citation.  Yes, even if debian/upstream is a feature of a
package source I resolved the table rows to packages because these will
be finally used on our tasks page and this also demonstrates that the
`debian-package` key works (see for instance the citations for package
blast2 which are only for this binary package and not for other packages
from ncbi-tools6).  You can also see that multiple references per
package can be handled.

How you can create the BibTeX file yourself (if you like to do some
experiments in addition to download from the URL above)?
Login on Alioth and do:

  psql -h localhost -p 5441 -U guest udd -c "SELECT * FROM bibtex()" | sed -e 's/ *+$//' -e 's/^ //'

The entries for the table inside the debian.tex file can be obtained via

  psql -h localhost -p 5441 -U guest udd -c "SELECT * FROM bibtex_example_data() AS (package text, source text, bibkey text, description text)" | sed -e 's/ *+$//' -e 's/^ //'

You see the essential things are implemented in SQL queries.

If you have some ideas to enhance something inside this proof of
concept just rise your ideas now.

Kind regards - and feel free to join me in my "publication of the day"
effort where I add one debian/upstream file per day to a package which
is lacking citation information


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