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Git repositories without master tag

Subject: Git repositories without master tag


I tried to fetch all machine readable files from certain repositories
(relevant for Blends) and I followed the approach to cd into a Git
repository and doing for instance:

   git show HEAD:debian/changelog

there.  This works in the most cases with some exceptions.  One of it
is for instance cernlib and when I do

   git clone git://git.debian.org/git/debian-science/packages/cernlib.git

I see the reason.  The checkout dir does not show a debian/ directory
and I need to checkout a certain tag "debian/*" before this dir becomes
visible.  I do not know whether it is a strong requirement but wouldn't
it be more comfortable to have a master tag which presents the latest
state of packaging more easily.

Could you either fix these repositories or just give me a hint how I can
easily fetch the latest changelog, control, copyright and upstream files
without cloning the whole repository?

Kind regards



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