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Re: Git repositories without master tag

Andreas Tille <tille@debian.org> writes:

> I see the reason.  The checkout dir does not show a debian/ directory
> and I need to checkout a certain tag "debian/*" before this dir becomes
> visible.  I do not know whether it is a strong requirement but wouldn't
> it be more comfortable to have a master tag which presents the latest
> state of packaging more easily.

As a side note, master is typically a branch (intended to be updatable)
rather than a tag (not intended to change).

It doesn't have to be branch called master that has the debian packaging
(although that might be a sensible policy to make; I think this what the
perl team decided to do). In any case, I agree that HEAD should point to
the branch having the debian packaging. This would make your command
work, and mean that someone cloning the repo gets that branch checked
out by default.  This can be fixed with something like (filling in $package).

ssh git.debian.org git \
  --git-dir=/git/debian-science/packages/$package.git  symbolic-ref HEAD \

if your packaging branch is named debian, just use "refs/heads/debian"
instead of refs/heads/master


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