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Re: abinit

On Wed, Apr 04, 2012 at 09:21:13AM +0200, Christophe Prud'homme wrote:
> Hi Ólafur,
> Thanks for the email.
> I helped with abinit some years ago when some people from CEA Grenoble
> approached me to put abinit in Debian.
> I have personnally no use of abinit and I haven't the time to look
> into it. I CC the debian science list to see if someone there would be
> able to help with abinit
> anyone ?

Hi Cristophe, I think I got the watch file to work, at least uscan
--report does the right thing

 % uscan --report
 Processing watchfile line for package abinit...
 Newest version on remote site is 6.12.2, local version is 5.3.4.dfsg
 abinit: Newer version (6.12.2) available on remote site:
   (local version is 5.3.4.dfsg)

I will have a look at cleaning up the current release and then try to
package the newest one.

Cheers, Oli

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