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Re: abinit

Hi Ólafur,

Thanks for the email.
I helped with abinit some years ago when some people from CEA Grenoble
approached me to put abinit in Debian.
I have personnally no use of abinit and I haven't the time to look
into it. I CC the debian science list to see if someone there would be
able to help with abinit
anyone ?

For information abinit is a software for ab-initio numerical
simulation and is one of the leading software in this area.
I believe that there is a strong community behind it.

Best regards

2012/4/4 Ólafur Jens Sigurðsson <ojsbug@gmail.com>:
> Hi Christophe
> I am interested in helping out with maintaining the abinit package, I
> see that it has had no work since 2008 and several versions of the
> package have come out since then.
> I am not a dd and don't have much experience in packaging (helped out
> with the octave packaging at one time though) so I will need a bit of
> tutorage but I am willing to put some work into this package since it
> looks interesting (I am not currently using it but quantum optics used
> to be my field so I kind of know what this package is good for).
> The first issue that I have is with the watch file, it is outdated and
> the current setup of the abinit projects website makes this a pain.
> They keep their sources under http://ftp.abinit.org which is
> unreadable, but a list of releases can be found here:
> http://www.abinit.org/downloads/source-packages/abinit-1/releases but
> the link to the source is in a subpage from there.
> Any idea on how to create a watch file that can handle this?
> Best regards
> Olafur

Debian Developer - member of Debian Science
Prof. at Univ. Grenoble in Applied Math.

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