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INDI 3rd party drivers


INDI Library (indilib) is now maintained in Debian (finally!). INDI is
a protocol to control astronomical devices, and is used in KStars to
control numerous telescopes, CCDs, focusers..etc. INDI comes with a
set of common drivers, however, some drivers are released as 3rd party
so that their development cycle is not necessarily tied to libindi,
and also to decrease the libindi footprint.

Currently, you can see all the 3rd party packages here:


I already packaged all of the 3rd party drivers in my Ubuntu PPA, but
I would like to get them into Debian Science. All the drivers are
compatible with DFSG with the exception of two:


+ SBIG Library: We only have binary library from the manufacturer. No
source code available.
+ QSI Library: We have source code available, but it is proprietary
and no changes can be made to it.


+ INDI QSI  : LGPL 2.1

Therefore, should I upload my packages to Debian mentors service then
ask for sponsorship on this list? Regarding the proprietary packages
above, will the libraries end up in "non-free" and the dependent
drivers end up in "contrib" archives?

Best Regards,
Jasem Mutlaq

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