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Re: ROOT 5.32/00 for Debian Squeeze

> On Tue, Jan 10, 2012 at 09:02:31AM -0800, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
>> >> No, I cannot commit the time to be an active maintainer. At most I
>> >> could
>> >> commit to maintain a version for Debian stable.
> I wonder from where you obtained the experience that unstable is to
> dynamic and the maintenance effort would be to large for your time
> limit.  Every package in Debian goes to unstable first (or experimental)
> as an exception.  That's the usual way any package comes to Debian.
> Whether a package needs maintenance effort or not depends more from the
> package itself rather than a frequently changing unstable.  What exact
> changes do you expect which would influence your packages.

I do maintain packages on the side. It does depend to a large extend on
the software itself. So, fair enough, I could give it a try, unstable,
and work from there. How should I proceed?


>> In that case the packages are fine where they are (in my repository)
>> and
>> anybody is welcome to use them.
>> I could accept uploads of other architectures if someone has the
>> machine
>> and is willing to compile.
> If you ask me this plan is more time consuming than doing a proper
> upload and enable the Debian Science team to provide help if needed.
> Kind regards
>        Andreas.
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